The Film

In a postmodern world awash in rapid change, surviving transience is a difficult task. Role and self-identities are fragmented while traditional anchors are out of reach. Rishi, the protagonist of the film, inhabits an urban landscape that is suffused with opportunities that seemingly contradict each other. His self worth is under evaluation and his linkages to the social system and authority figures are permeated with doubt. The need to assert himself as an actor and at the same time reaffirm his being, drive him to make choices that may or may not fulfill his needs for security and belonging. The film is an attempt to capture the existential drama of the protagonist as he attempts to forge a path that is his own. However, questions about the state of his Being and his identity can never be resolved, they can only be lived. His lived experience and the assertion of his identity constitute the core of the Film, and possibly herald the advent of wisdom.

Roving Eye Films


directed by anand sukumaran

abhijit abde

story, screenplay & dialogues
rohit g banawlikar


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