An unnamed city in india the present. Four friends. Aakash, Rishi, Mota (Nilesh), and Sameer study in graduate college. All except Rishi work in the IT enabled service sector. They regularly hang out at coffee bars where they indulge in casual chatting. Aakash, Mota and Sameer check on classes and the curriculum from Rishi, who is the only one amongst them who attends college regularly. The others are too busy working and enjoying the lifestyle that their salaries bring them.

Rishi meets Ekta, who turns out to be his classmate. She wants Rishi to help him out with her studies, as he is a conscientious student. Rishi agrees, and Rishi and Ekta spend a lot of time together, with Rishi teaching Ekta the basics of accounts. Meanwhile Aakash invites Rishi to a pub, where Rishi watches Akash flirt with Kamini. The exam results are announced and Ekta scores high marks while Rishi manages to pass. The other three fail. Rishi's friend's are unable to understand Rishi's poor performance.

Rishi goes shopping with Aakash and sees the expensive things that he buys. For Ekta's birthday, he buys her a gift. Rishi meets Ekta on her birthday and finds out that she is interested in another boy. He is thoroughly disappointed and becomes despondent. Rishi tells Mota that he would like to take up a job in a Call Centre outfit. Mota is taken aback and tries to warn Rishi that his studies would suffer. But Rishi is adamant. Rishi's father is upset at Rishi's decision and Rishi tries to convince him that this studies would not be affected and that he would be better off exploring new avenues.

His friends pester Rishi for a party to celebrate his new job and Rishi agrees. Rishi buys a bike and a flashy cell phone with his salary. He meets Shveta and they start seeing each other. Rishi is unable to attend his classes regularly because of his work pressures. Exams draw near and Rishi is worried. Shveta wants him to escort her to the coolest party in town, the Bacardi Blast, but Rishi declines saying that he has to study. Rishi tries to take leave from his office to prepare for the exams but is unable to do so. The exam results are announced after two months. Rishi has just managed to pass, while his friends have failed. Rishi decides to leave his job, and sell off his bike and mobile phone. He tells his friends that he has decided to concentrate on his studies.

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