The Purpose

Rarely has a film in India examined the lives of young adults in the context of a shallow postmodern urban culture that is dominated by the twin values of consumerism and impermanence. The cities of this country are caught in a movement away from old feudal and agrarian values to an ' Americanised ' way of life, where Brands are king, and money their handmaiden. The universe of life roles and identity when seen from the point of view of young adults, who are on the threshold of manhood, is very different from what existed even a decade ago. The multiplicity of career choices, the increased bustle and glamour of living where images of existence are reproduced and fragmented endlessly by the media, and the continuous on session with celebrity and lifestyle, leaves them bewildered and groping for anchors to root themselves in. There are no neat solutions and satisfying resolutions The film attempts to probe beneath the surface of such an existence to reveal the subtle, nebulous, and ever changing patterns of life and living.

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